Ministry Makes Its Mark

"This means a lot to me because this place had been down over two years," said Delia Hinton, in referring to unfinished work on her York, Alabama, home.

For the past week, more than a half dozen volunteers from Wisconsin have been working to fix a den which Hinton says contractors never finished.

"All the insulation was out. I had to buy a lot of heat to stay warm," Hinton said.

A week ago there was no insulation, no dry wall and some partially installed electrical outlets, but all has been put right now. These volunteers from Wisconsin were invited by Alabama Rural Ministries.

Founded four years ago in Livingston, the non-profit group has helped repair more than 70 homes in west Alabama for those in need, with no cost to the owner.

"I think when we're able to help somebody with their house it's really encouraging to them," said Rob Beddingfield of Alabama Rural Ministries. "This is true Christianity."

Come Thursday the group will stop work on Mrs. Hinton's house and prepare to pull out of the area. Hinton says the efforts of this group will never be forgotten.

"The Lord just sent these people here and I'm so happy," said Hinton. "I never will stop thanking them."