Improving Hip Surgery

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Robert Hughes of Meridian is doing much better these days. "A whole lot better," he said. "I think I'm going to get well."

Hughes is now rehabilitating after his second hip reconstruction in ten years, but this time, the surgery involved a new technique employed by Dr. James Green of Meridian Orthopedic Clinic at Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center.

"It's wonderful," said Gloria Hughes, Robert's wife. "It's just a miracle."

The new procedure involves making a digital image of the hip with a CT Scan, with which Dr. Green was able to diagnose Hughes condition. And with that information ,a company called BioMet manufactured an implant to replace the deteriorated part of the hip.

"He had developed a loosening in the acetabular compnent in the pelvic bone, and a large cyst in the bone, approximately the size of one's fist,"
said Dr. Green.

Once BioMet made the model of Hughes' hip, they were able to make the implant specifically to meet the need. Hughes is again able to do the things he always did, like cut the grass, drive, and most of all, go to baseball games.

"It means the world to me!" said Hughes.