Fordice and MDOT Join Forces

Whether you love the ads or hate them, and it seems most everyone is at either extreme, the message in the "I'm not your mama" ads is pretty clear and may prove over time to be effective. Mississippi's former First Lady, Pat Fordice, said only time will tell.

"We won't know until some more statistics come out, I guess, if it's really helped it," said Fordice, who visited Meridian this week. "But we'll know with our eyes, I think. And the object is to get people to shame one another, you know, 'Don't throw that out the window! I'm not your mama.' Well, hopefully, that'll work."

The ads show Fordice popping on the scene when young men, who surveys find are most likely to litter, throw something out their truck window onto the street and public rights of way. She shakes her finger at them and pinches their ears, saying, "I'm not your mama, pick that up."

The concept for the anti-litter campaign was created by the Godwin Group for the Mississippi Department of Transportation, which spends into the millions each year for litter pickup.

As an ambassador for the state, Fordice said appearance plays a huge role in economic development.

"No one want to return to a place that is not well-cared for and I think that's been proven everywhere. So we want to make our state as beautiful as it possibly can be. And it is a beautiful state and needs to be cleaned up. Stay clean," Fordice said.

For those who wonder, did she really let a truck approach her at high speed, stopping only inches away?

"The only input I had is that they wanted a double for the truck coming at me. Which meant that they would have to buy two outfits and I'd have to wear what they picked out. I said no I didn't agree to that. But I would stand there and let that truck, I knew it wasn't going to run over me. It was okay," she said.

Love them or hate them, Fordice and MDOT hope the message gets through and there's less littering in the future.