Leaders Tout Mississippi-Alabama Partnership

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There have been rumors that another automotive manufacturer may be planning to build a new plant in the south and the Kewanee area. The border of Mississippi and Alabama might be a possible site. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove said that is a positive idea.

"We believe that the Mississippi-Alabama joint venture will cause us and help us to work together to attract another facility of this size and this magnitude. It will be a tremendous benefit to East Central Mississippi and we believe that it's worth going after," said Musgrove.

Sen. Trent Lott said the state and congressional delegation are working to move jobs to our area.

"And we're looking for some blue chip companies but right now we're thinking if we could get a first or second tier supplier in there, take advantage of existing buildings or the new industrial site that the city and the county have had the foresight to develop and, of course, working with Cong. Pickering, we got some federal funds for the interchange there on Interstate 20/59 that will go to the industrial site, so yes we're emphasizing the potential for east central Mississippi," Lott said.

Cong. Chip Pickering agreed there is future potential for the Meridian area.

"There's nothing that we can say now or nothing that we can identify right now, but we do believe that if you look from central Mississippi to central Alabama, it just makes a lot of strategic sense to be right in the heart and center of that and that would be Meridian, Mississippi," said Pickering.

All said they are encouraged by the new sense of cooperation between Mississippi and Alabama, replacing what they called the competitive attitude of the past.