MSU Meridian Graduates 138

Mississippi State University, Meridian campus graduated 138 students Friday.

It brings to light a point that educators have made, that the ailing national economy is apparently leading to an increase in local college enrollment.

Given early enrollment numbers, MSU officials say they expect the number of graduates to continue to rise.

MSU Meridian's division of education had the largest number of graduates, with 63 students awarded degrees.

Newscenter 11's news director John Johnson was the guest speaker for the ceremony, held at the MSU Riley Center.

Below is a list of graduates, as provided by MSU Meridian.
Graduates by hometown include:
MS, Bailey
Casey Kay Hedgpeth, B.B.A. - Marketing
MS, Brandon
Diana Melissa Jackson, M.S. - School Administration
Kimberly Norman, M.S. - Elementary Education
Suzanne Rigdon Tucker, B.S. - Elementary Education
David Austin Vaughn, B.B.A. - Business Administration
MS, Carthage
Charlotte Ann Adams, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Pamela Adams Quick, M.S. - School Administration
MS, Collinsville
Christy Tucker Gardner, Ed.S. - Elementary Education
Kristi L. Hutchinson, B.S. - Elementary Education
William Casey McElhenney, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Christopher C. Weems, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Decatur
Glenda Annette Cater (1), B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
William Ryan Clarke, M.S. - Counselor Education
Angela Dawn Hollingsworth, M.S. - School Administration
Robin L. Johnson, M.A.T. - Community College Education
Kerri Burks Weaver, M.S. - School Administration
MS, DeKalb
Felicia L. Chamberlin, B.A. - Psychology
Brooke Ishie Knight, B.S. - Elementary Education
Dianne McMiller, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Deborah Ann Weatherford, B.B.A. - Marketing
Linda Faye White, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Enterprise
Jerry Cunningham, M.B.A. - Business Administration
Tracy Michelle Melton, B.S. - Elementary Education
Danna R. Napp, M.B.A. - Accounting
MS, Flowood
Michael S. Torres, B.B.A. - Accounting
MS, Forest
Tina Louise Evans-Kimble, Ed.S. - Elementary Education
Johnny Lamar Lowery, M.B.A. - Business Administration
Joyce Theresa Murrell, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Kim B. Peterson, M.S. - Elementary Education
Stephanie G. Walley (3), B.S. - Elementary Education
MS, Foxworth
Amy Lowery Baughman, M.S. - School Administration
Debra Letchworth Brumfield, M.S. - School Administration
MS, Hickory
Darah DeAnn Avery, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Halfred Wayne Ethridge, B.B.A. - Management
Melissa Carol Johnson, M.A.T.S. - Secondary Education
MS, Jackson
Sharon Nicole Stinson, M.A.T. - Community College Education
MS, Lake
Wanda C. Dean, B.S. - Elementary Education
Kayla Mitchell Myers, B.S. - Elementary Education
Rachael Suzanne Sorey, B.B.A. - Marketing
MS, Laurel
Lisa Marie Bolivar, M.S. - Elementary Education
Carrie Elizabeth Clark, B.S. - Elementary Education
JoAnna Vela McKinley, Ed.S. - Counselor Education
MS, Lena
Amanda Lee Faulkner, B.S. - Secondary Education
MS, Louin
Kimberlyn Chenessa Brown, B.B.A. - Accounting
MS, Marion
James Mario Gray, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Meridian
Laura Elizabeth Alexander, M.B.A. - Business Administration
Sarah Ann Bennamon, M.S. - Counselor Education
Mari A. Brunson, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Danielle M. Cooper, B.B.A. - Business Administration
Maneka Michele Crumbley, M.A.T.S. - Secondary Education
Daniel Lee Daugherty, B.B.A. - Business Administration
Heather Smith Dear, B.B.A. - Accounting
Emily L. Plowman Elam, B.S. - Accounting
Diana Jo Aust Fields (1), B.B.A. - Accounting
Jason Randall Gardner, M.A.T. - Community College Education
Kimberly Denise Gardner, M.S. - Elementary Education
Shelley W George, Ed.S. - Elementary Education
Robin Shehane Gressett, M.A.T.S. - Secondary Education
Chad Ryan Haarala, B.B.A. - Accounting
Robin Randall Hall, M.S. - Secondary Education
Dana Ellison Huffman, M.S. - School Administration
Helen LoAnn Hughes, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Josh Ivey (3), B.B.A. - Information Systems
Jastassia McElroy Johnson, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Lashelle Kennard, M.B.A. - Business Administration
Eris Luke Lilly (2), B.B.A. - Accounting
Melissa Morgan Litchfield, M.S. - Counselor Education
Elizabeth J. McCabe, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Ned Louvier McCormick, B.B.A. - Accounting
Tiffany Victoria McPeak, M.A.T. - Community College Education
Vernon Bradley Northam (2), B.B.A. - Information Systems
John Barrett Nunnery, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Eva Marie Pace, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Tonya R Pace, B.B.A. - Accounting
Alisha Dee Parker, M.A.T.S. - Secondary Education
Megan Laurie Pennington, B.S. - Secondary Education
Brent Everett Pouncey, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Alan Reed, B.B.A. - Business Administration
Ginger Marie Rials, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Janice Buckley Ridgeway, M.S. - Counselor Education
Christy Anne Roberts (3), B.B.A. - Accounting
Karen P. Spradlin, M.B.A. - Business Administration
Adetura Mae Taylor, Ed.S. - Counselor Education
Katherine Smith Thomas, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Tammy T. Thompson, B.B.A. - Management
Crystal Deann Watkins, B.B.A. - Accounting
Tanisha La'Shun Welch, B.B.A. - Management
Angie Nicole White, M.A.T.S. - Secondary Education
Dwyla Latonia Wilson, M.S. - Counselor Education
Regina JaNee Winfield, B.B.A. - Management
Christy Renae Young, B.S. - Elementary Education
MS, Morton
Lee McLain Beard, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Joe Raymond Moncrief, M.S. - School Administration
Clayton Edward Purvis, M.S. - School Administration
Amy Renee Arinder- Young, M.S. - School Administration
MS, Newton
Corey Lee Carlton, B.S. - Elementary Education
Chase Allen Nicholson, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Ashley Lauren Owen, M.B.A. - Business Administration
John Lucas Poole, B.S. - Secondary Education
Ashley Lyniece Walker, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Noxapater
Joe Dwayne Barrett (2), B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Philadelphia
Ashley Leigh Breland, B.B.A. - Marketing
Karen Diane Burnside, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Ulissa Byshelle Coburn, Ed.S. - CounselorCounselor Education
Lori Denise Coghlan, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Sharon Cole (2), B.S. - Elementary Education
Regina Christine Holdiness, B.S. - Secondary Education
Thomas Edmond Holland, M.S. - School Administration
Chrisanda Nicole Jefferson, B.B.A. - Business Administration
Stephanie M. Myatt, B.B.A. - Accounting
Kristen Dunn Parsons, M.S. - Elementary Education
Donna Jean Pope, M.S. - School Administration
Tena Melece Reynolds, B.S. - Elementary Education
MS, Porterville
Bettye C. Gray, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Laura B. Johnigan, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Preston
Margaret S. Kirk, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
DeShawnda Clark McClendon, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Quitman
Aubrey Louise Carlin, B.B.A. - Management
Paula Yevette Cooks, M.S. - Counselor Education
Leslie Brooke Mathis, M.B.A. - Accounting
MS, Rose Hill
Carol V. McGee, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Sebastopol
Allyson Brook Easom, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Shubuta
Jillian C Nelson (1), B.B.A. - Business Administration
MS, Shuqualak
Holli Lavette Jenkins, Ed.S. - School Administration
MS, Stonewall
Jennifer Diane Hammond, M.S. - Secondary Education
MS, Taylorsville
Christl Nicole Smith, M.S. - Secondary Education
MS, Toomsuba
Jennifer Anthony, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
MS, Union
Paula M. Bozeman, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Madison Grace Brantley, B.S. - Elementary Education
Kyle B Chaney, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Margie Louise King, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies
Zachary Mason Staton, M.B.A. - Business Administration
William Brian Terrell, M.A.T.S. - Secondary Education
Debra McCraw Walker (3), B.S. - Elementary Education
Kristy Huddleston Warren, B.S. - Elementary Education
Tammy Lee Williams, B.S. - Elementary Education
MS, Vossburg
Talia L. Mosley, M.B.A. - Business Administration
MS, Walnut Grove
Helen Bolton Brown, B.S. - Interdisciplinary Studies

The levels of honor recognition are:
(1) Summa Cum Laude 3.80; (2) Magna Cum Laude 3.60; (3) Cum Laude 3.40 Q.P.A.