Children First: Training Leaders

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Teamwork. It's something that sometimes comes easy, and sometimes is difficult. But that's what the NJROTC cadets have been learning this week at NAS Meridian and out in the great outdoors at Camp Binachi.

"Some of it was difficult, but that just makes whenever we graduate even better," said cadet Janauh Allgood.

The cadets have been in the classroom all week, learning about what it takes to be a leader and a team player. This was the day they put it to the test.

The group in the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience Course, COPES for short, had to really work together to accomplish the tasks put before them, like getting a group of people to stand on a single block, or finding your partner without seeing them or hearing their voice, except for the animal noises they were allowed to make.

"I like teamwork," said cadet Brandi Johnson. "I like getting to know each other as a team and having to use our friends to get us through things."

Other courses included orienteering, which involves using maps and compasses to navigate. And to make it even tougher for them, the only ones who knew the way were blindfolded and not allowed to speak.

Canoeing takes teamwork, too, especially when the canoe capsizes.

There are strenuous physical requirements for these select cadets involved in the leadership training and they also have to show good leadership ability. That's why their instructors are very proud of this group of students.

NJROTC Instructor Don Alderson called the students the best in the southeast U.S.

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