Youth Missionaries

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Every summer young adults from different backgrounds gather for "Youth Works", a mission project to help others. This year eight teams are spending a total of eight weeks in the Philadelphia area.

"Youth Works started about ten years ago and is based out of Minneapolis," said team leader, Gale Hammerschmidt. "There are seventy sites across America and a few in Canada and New Mexico. What we are all about is to serve the community."

Over the course of eight weeks, more than 500 kids from multi- denominational Christian organizations will come together to lend a helping hand to this community.

The activities planned for the groups range from painting and cleaning up old houses, spending time with the elderly, and doing art with children in the community.

"I enjoy them being here," said Calvin Gibson, care home resident, "and they do Bible study and we get about seventy kids and they learn from us."

The young people even have fundraisers to pay for these trips, and apparently, they don't mind paying the price.

"It's real neat being a part of this because you are helping out a community that is less fortunate, and you feel like you have accomplished something," said youth worker Brett Wallace.

"I really like you get to grow as a group and you are also helping a community, that is not able to get out and do it themselves," said youth worker Carolyn Schaner.

Next year, the youth organization will work together again, with some new and old faces all joining together in the name of helping others.