Children First

Who says young people these days are lazy? From the looking at participants at the Wildcat Classic Camp this week, that's far from being the truth.

Although on summer vacation, all are working hard to one day be at the top of their game! Each year the camp is sponsored by the Meridian High School basketball team.

"We want to give back to the community and this tries to teach them about discipline and how to have fun in basketball," says camp organizer Coach Ernie Watson.

Although fun, organizers say when push came to shove, the young people learned much more than just lessons on "lay-ups" but also lessons in life.

"If it is basketball, football, baseball or whatever, the competition, and to be able to get along with others and be disciplined in the sport, that is what this is what we are trying to do," says Coach Watson.

Although they might not be Harlem Globetrotters just yet, with some of the moves they showcased, maybe one day they will be!

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