Davis Pushes Tax Break Extension

Cong. Artur Davis, who represents a district that spans from Birmingham to west Alabama, co-sponsored the working families tax credit act of 2003.

According to the freshman congressman, the bill lowers the minimum threshold to receive a refundable child tax credit and ensures that combat soldiers receive the credit.

Davis said it affects families earning between $10,000 and $26,000 a year.

"When we have hard working Americans and Alabamians who aren't getting very much in the way of wages, we need to help them every opportunity we get, said Davis. "And it's a matter of fundamental fairness that, if we're going to cut taxes for people and increase tax breaks and tax credits, we ought to make sure that the first people who benefit are those who really need the money."

Davis said he does not think that the recent tax cut passed by congress did enough to benefit working families at or near the poverty line.