Hiatt Plans Retirement

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Lauderdale County administrator Rex Hiatt confirmed his retirement plans Thursday. He said he'll wait for the new board of supervisors to be elected in November, then stay for several months to assist his successor.

"It's been a real opportunity and a lot of fun most days to work with various boards of supervisors and the elected officials and the public," said Hiatt. "And I feel it's been a real role of service and it's been a challenge sometimes finding funds to get things done but generally with a cooperative spirit we could make things happen."

He's been with the county for 20 years. Retirement for Hiatt, who will be 56 in July, does not mean a rocking chair and a fishing boat.

"I'm looking for other employment," he said. "I'm still relatively young and in good health and I want to continue to make a contribution."

The salary is set by the supervisors. Hiatt earns approximately $80,000 per year.