A Summer of Reading

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For the past few weeks, while many of meridian's youth were enjoying their summer away from school, but a group at Witherspoon Elementary has been taking part in a summer reading program.

The four-week program ended with a performance, which the students used to show their parents what they learned.

The voyager program helps students who are reading below grade level. The purpose is to increase reading achievement through the use of targeted activities.

"The program has built in a lot of different things and one of them is the celebration activity," said reading facilitator, Kim Massey. "And it occurs the last day of the program and our program has been going on for four weeks. The children are going to perform for their parents and then they are going to go back to their classrooms and most of the classrooms will have a feast."

The program involved about sixty students in grades K-3 for four hours each day.