Guilty Plea in Drug Case

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A sentencing hearing was conducted in Clarke County Circuit Court Friday for a pair of brothers accused of distributing illegal drugs.

Kermit and Marvin Gray made a plea bargain with the District Attorney's office in May and were sentenced Friday on three counts of possession and sale of marijuana in the Shubuta area of Clarke County.

Kermit Gray received a six-year prison term, and his brother Marvin, who had less serious charges, received a three-year prison sentence. Assistant District Attorney Vel Young said she is pleased with the outcome.

"The judge did what we asked to do, that was, to run sentences consecutively to each other," said Young. "He also ordered them to long-term drug treatment, which both of these defendants need based on the information given. And we're very satisfied with the sentence."

The charges were brought against the two after they sold marijuana to undercover East Mississippi Drug Task Force agents. Their home was then searched, where significant amounts of illegal drugs and firearms were found.

"The case is still ongoing. We're going to investigate other people that were there and, hopefully, we can finally rid Shubuta of some of the drug people they've got out there," said agent Karl Merchant.

Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp said that by getting these two traffickers off the street, the drug problems in Clarke County will be helped, but not cured.

"We've got a problem and it's affecting our young people," said Kemp. "And if we don't do something about it, to put a stop to it, we're going lose our young people."