Investing in Safety

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The men and women of law enforcement put their lives on the line every day to ensure the safety of the general public.

Sgt. Brian Kelly of the Newton Police Department says that, even in a small town like Newton, there's a certain amount of risk that goes along with being a police officer.

"You never know what you'll encounter when you go on a call or who you might stop. You may make just a simple traffic stop on someone. They think that they may be going to jail and they think that their only way out is to shoot the officer to try to get away," said Kelly.

Thanks to the Bureau of Justice Assistance, grant funds have been allocated to 24 law enforcement agencies for the purchase of bulletproof vests. The grant means each of Newton's thirteen officers will have a vest of his own.

"Every officer's worst fear is not be able to return home to their family at the end of their shift," Kelly said.

Kelly adds that having a vest boosts an officer's confidence while on duty.

But the vests may be just as important to each of the communities as to the officers themselves, serving as protection to those who serve and protect.