New Voter Cards Pending

New cards being issued for Lauderdale County voters will show where to go to cast ballots in the August primaries and the November general election.

Redistricting based on the 2000 Census means some voters will go to a different polling location than in 1999, when the last state and county elections were conducted. Some residents might not receive a card.

"If you don't get a card, there's a problem with your address and 99.9 percent of them have moved," said Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson. "But sometimes somebody will add a post office box and stuff like that which is rare but most of the time the voters moved and they need to come and change their address."

Another change, which will affect future elections, although probably not this year, is new voting machines purchased with federal dollars.

District Two supervisor, Jimmie Smith, is a member of an advisory committee which recommended to the Secretary of State the machines be purchased by the state rather than the individual counties, to save money.

"We suggested the state provide them because they would be able to get a better price, a better contract," said Smith. "You've got to have continuity because what they're looking for is to have less voting devices because every voting devise they have they have to provide training."

The type of voting system has not yet been decided.