Local Cleanup

For the past 11 years, Shawanda Parker and her family have lived in at 3846 Old Highway 19 Southeast in the Whynot Community. Every time it rains she says water significantly rises in her yard.

Although her house sits on stilt, Parker says water sometimes rises on up onto the siding.

"There's nothing I can do and I'm upset about it. We have begged and begged and asked and asked them to please do something with this."

Parker says rainwater from hills in the area drains to and through two culverts near her house. She says the problem is that the culverts are not big enough, and therefore water collects at their opening and pushes back into her yard.

We spoke with Lauderdale County engineer Neal Carson by phone. He tells us that larger culverts have been purchased and will be installed as soon as possible.

Aside from frequent rain, which hinders the installation, he says the county is still recovering from flooding this spring. In fact he says if all goes well, Allen Swamp Road, Cotton Gin Road and Beaver Ond Road will all reopen sometime this summer once the bridges are fixed.

Meanwhile, with forecaster predicting an active hurricane season more rain is expected. With this in mind Parker says the sooner the problem near her house is fixed, the better!