Children First

Since about age seven, Bennie Earvin Jr., also known as B.J., has been intrigued by the entertainment industry, especially acting. Now at age 16 he says it appears that his dreams could one day become a reality.

It all started about two years ago when B.J. took part in a local modeling search. He received a call back and then entered a modeling and career center in New Orleans. He recently graduated from that program and has been signed on by an agent. After taking part in a recent talent expo in Texas, B.J. was notified by a Hollywood talent agency that it wants to sign him. His reaction...

"It just makes me feel blessed to get an opportunity like this. To actually go and do something like this."

Although they are also excited, B.J.'s parents say they are not pushing him.

"Well if you push someone out there," says Bennie Sr. "it's really not their choice and they may come back later on and they go there and don't like it and they fail. One should do what they want and they should pursue it to the hilt."

Although acting is his first love, for now at least, B.J. and his parents have decided that he will stay here and finish school. However, with agents still showing interest, they say who knows what the future holds?

"I see myself in Hollywood making lots of movies," says B.J. "Ha...ha....!"