July 4 On the Road

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With most travelers already at their destinations, July 4 is not the busiest travel day of this holiday season. But you wouldn't know from looking at Interstate 20/59 in Lauderdale County.

NewsCenter 11 talked with several motorists about their plans.

"We're going to a family reunion," said one. "We're going to Tuscaloosa,"
said another, who stopped for gasoline.

Travelers all over the southeast should take extra caution as rain is expected throughout the holiday weekend.

"I had to stop in Jackson last night," one driver said. "It took me an hour and a half to go six miles, so I gave up."

"I waited for Tropical Storm Bill to get out of the way, so now I'm just driving like I normally would," another traveler said.

Some say they have taken extra time so they'll arrive safely at their destinations.

"I just lock the cruise and buckle up," one told us. "We have three drivers and we're slowing down when we see rain."

The holiday weekend officially ends Sunday at midnight.