A Tribute to Sonny Montgomery

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Meridian's July 4th gala at Bonita Lakes included a tribute to retired
Cong. Sonny Montogomery. The man who served his district for thirty years was obviously touched.

"This was a big evening for me, one of the great times in my life. I never will forget it," Montgomery said. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to serve you in Congress, to serve in the state legislature."

"It's been a wonderful ride all the way, working for you, being a member of Congress, being a member of the state legislature and now I've come home. God bless you and thank you very much," said Montgomery.

Speakers included Gov. Ronnie Musgrove. "Sonny Montgomery, to people across the nation you're simply known as Mr. Veteran," said the governor. "And I believe that that is a title well deserved. We continue to be proud of what you have done but we're also proud of who we are and how you represent Mississippi on a daily basis."

Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck added her thoughts. "Thank you for everything that you mean to the state of Mississippi. It is a real honor to be celebrating a 4th of July with Sonny Montgomery, someone who has done so much for those who have maintain our independence," Tuck said.

A new award in his name was announced by Bill Crawford, president of the Montgomery Institute.

"So tonight and each July 4th in perpetuity, we will select a citizen who exemplifies the patriotism of Sonny Montgomery and will award them in the future the "Sonny Montgomery Patriot Award" and Sonny, we're proud to give you tonight the first award," said Crawford.

The Award is a crystal statue of an American Eagle with its wings spread.