MBN Fraud Probe Continues

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A Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics official involved in an internal investigation has been placed on administrative leave, and bureau director Frank Melton says another employee implicated in the investigation was dismissed from the bureau in April.

Melton did not name the employee and said the firing was for a matter not directly related to the original investigation.

Officials are investigating two airplane transfers made in 1999 and 2000, along with allegations of employee misconduct and document falsification.

Melton says the probe is nearly complete, and at least four MBN current and former employees have been implicated.

A decision regarding Jimmy Saxton's employment with the bureau will be made after a July 16 hearing.

Melton declined to discuss the circumstances surrounding Saxton's leave, saying it was a personnel matter. Saxton could not be reached on Monday.

An attorney representing Saxton in a lawsuit against Melton and MBN agent Warren Buchanan would not comment. The suit claims that an MBN internal memo detailing the allegations being investigated is "materially false, libelous, slanderous and defaming.''