Archusa Gets Limed

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Five hundred tons of lime will have been added to Archusa Lake after a liming project is complete.

"Today is phase one of a two-phase application," said Stone Barefield of Archusa Water Park. "The second to follow in August or early September."

After stocking the lake, the liming project is intended to improve pH levels in the lake.

"The lime will work its way and interact with the soil at the bottom of the lake, which in turn will, over a period of time, improve the habitat of fish, the environment of fish," said Phillip Fuller of Archusa Water Park. "It allows you to produce more fish, enhance the food chain within the lake."

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has provided park officials with two barges, an applicator, a hopper and a conveyor to accomplish the task of liming the lake.

It expedites the process quite a bit and allows for a much more thorough application of the lime across the lake.

Archusa is a very unique lake and is named for the springs that sustain it. You'll see springs from one end to the other, some of them big, some of them small, but it's fed by fresh water at all times.

The park offers a variety of outdoor water activities as well as camping and, of course, fishing.