Memories of Violence Linger

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Mayor Malcolm Threatt of Marion has a son who works at Lockheed Martin, the scene of a deadly shooting July 8. Lashley Threatt was there when the shooting started.

"Since he knew him, he tried to stop him. He was not successful and I talked to him today and he's, excuse me," said Threatt as he choked back tears.

The younger Threatt was concerned that he had not been able to stop gunman Doug Williams from shooting other people.

Marion Town Clerk Charlotte Rasco also remembers an act of violence that struck her family.

Rasco's father was critically injured at his workplace, Barrett-Nunnery-Clarke Hardware, on January 12, 1978.

"Another employee came in to rob him and my father could identify him so the gentleman didn't give himself any other alternative but to try to kill my father, to leave him dead, locked in a vault," said Rasco.

Her father was stabbed three times, shot and left to die. But somehow he opened the vault from the inside, crawled out, called for help and survived.

"I could feel for the families. I knew what they were going through," said Rasco, remembering hearing the first word of the Lockheed shooting. "Their lives were changed forever."