Mission Expansion Slated

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Triple I was oriented to the needs of railroads when first conceived. Mayor John Robert Smith said Wednesday the training center has added homeland security to its missions.

"This is where training occurs for response to rail disasters, as I said, freight or passenger. Now we are also the seven county team leader for a weapons of mass destruction response team," said Smith. "That's a separate mission but really it's hand in glove with the rail disaster mission."

The mayor said the change was made at the request of the state and federal government. The city council agreed to it at its Tuesday night meeting.

"You have to accept a responsibility and you have to accept a role of leadership when those around you in state and federal government already recognize that you're prepared better than others in your region to take that leadership role," Smith said.

There will be no money from the city's general fund devoted to this project. It is funded from Jackson and Washington.