Children First: Summer School

Ahhh, the warm days of summer. For many, it means almost endless time in the sun. To others it's that and more.

Welcome to summer school at Oakland Heights Elementary. However, it's not your typical summer school.

These students are all taking part in an enrichment program, funded through a grant. The program is designed to help enhance the students reading, language and writing skills.

Organizers say the key to achieving this goal is by making it interesting.

"Everything we do in life, you must read and read well and comprehend," said program organizer, Georgia Jackson. "Many times in the summer, if they do not go to some activity where they are reading or go to the library, sometimes they lose skills that they learned during the year. So, this helps keep them up and bring them even higher, on higher levels."

As part of the program, Jackson said students get anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes each day of one-on-one teaching time with an instructor.

"That always helps but even with that it just seems that there is never enough time to learn everything you need to learn," Jackson said.

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