School Days... Already

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"I'm real excited. This is something I've been training for all of my life," said Cythia Pouncey. "It was a childhood dream to become a principal one day, so I'm real excited about it."

Pouncey's enthusiasm about her new position as principal of Magnolia Middle School is the result of 28 years of educational service in Lauderdale and Newton Counties.

Pouncey, along with Dr. Earnest Ward and Linda Dulaney, began their new jobs heading up schools Monday morning.

Dr. Ward is the new principal at Carver Middle School. A veteran principal from Rankin County, Ward said he believes that he can help turn the Level 1 school back on the path to success.

"We're up to the task and we're going to work and develop a plan," said Ward. "We're going to get in and meet with our teachers and motivate our students. We're going to instill that sense of belief in them, let them know that they can do it."

Poplar Springs Elementary's new principal Linda Dulaney says she's excited about maintaining a strong school.

"We are looking to continue the strong program that we have academically at Poplar Springs, and we are looking to keep up the good relationship we have with our parents and our community," said Dulaney.

All other principals in the system also started back to work Monday, with less than a month now before a brand new school year.