UWA Rift May Have Price

Both the faculty senate and staff senate at the University of West Alabama have signed a resolution supporting a ten percent tuition increase for the school for this fall and bashed the division among the schools' board of trustees.

At its last scheduled meeting, seven members of the board met in one building and five in another. The board has now split into two factions, with both saying they are the legal governing body.

The dispute is over a recent board appointment and the fact that some of the board members say during the meeting in March they voted in a new chairman.

Mann Minus, who was chairman at the time, disputes that and contends that he is still chairman of the board.

In a resolution signed this week, members of the faculty and staff senates issued votes of "No Confidence" for the group led by Minus.

Although enrollment is up, UWA president Dr. Richard Holland says the controversy is taking a toll.

"I'm sure that we've lost some students over this. I know of some grants that are being questioned by this," said Holland.

And that's not all. The university's principal accrediting agency is now looking into the matter.

Representatives from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools are set to meet with board members to decide whether they need to sanction the group and therefore, force action to be taken to fix the matter.

Meanwhile, with orientation set for July 15, President Holland says something must be done so the board can approve an official budget and the university knows what to charge students.