Price No Longer at Lockheed

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The girlfriend of the gunman in last week's shooting spree at the Lockheed Martin plant near Meridian says she has been fired from her job at the facility.

Lockheed Martin spokesman Sam Grizzle has confirmed that Shirley Price is no longer an employee at the airplane parts plant. He declined to say whether she resigned or was dismissed.

Price's boyfriend and fellow worker, Doug Williams, opened fire at the plant July 8, killing five co-workers and injuring nine others before committing suicide. A week after the shooting, a sixth victim, DeLois Bailey, succumbed to her injuries.

Price, contacted Tuesday by The Associated Press, said she was "severed from the company.''

Price was a Lockheed Martin employee for nearly 24 years. She declined further comment, saying she was in the process of contacting an attorney.