No-Call Almost a Call Away

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Mississippi's new law that targets unwanted telemarketing phone calls will be enacted, effective July 1. Nielsen Cochran, public service commissioner for the central district, said all you have to do to block the majority of such calls is to list your name and phone number with the state.

"We've done some trial runs with it. We've done some trial runs with our database, with our web page," said Cochran. "It's operative and we're looking forward to people signing up within a day or two."

Cochran said the toll-free call is automated, so that your number is downloaded when you place the call. On the internet, residents just need to enter the number and it's automatically registered.

"Those telemarketers that we know, those that are trying to sell you credit cards or try to rip you off, deceive, commit fraud, this will stop those," Cochran said.

Violators can be fined up to $5,000 per illegal phone call.