Utility Work Ahead

A public works crew damaged an underground phone line late Tuesday afternoon in downtown Meridian. It cut a feeder cable that serves business and residential customers.

The repairs continued into Wednesday, because workers had to be careful of nearby gas and water lines.

"It's a very large cable affecting a significant number of customers in the downtown area. Approximately 200 of the phone lines in the 900 pair cable are severed right now, but as we go through the restoration process, it's going to affect all 900 of the lines. We're right now trying to minimize the outage time for customers in the downtown area who are affected by this."

Smith said crews will continue working night and day until the phone cables are fully repaired.

A portion of the pavement in the McDonalds parking lot on North Hills Street recently collapsed, leaving a huge hole.

"We had a leak in the storm drain here leading from this storm drain on up to the street. We've had bigger, but it's pretty good size hole. We'll have it finished today," said Bill Barfield of the city of Meridian public works crew.

The hole is 12 feet deep and at least 10 feet across.