Sollie: We Do Want Answers

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There are specific goals for an ongoing investigation into the fatal shooting at Lockheed Martin in Marion, according to Sheriff Billy Sollie.

"Making sure that we document exactly what happened. How many times he discharged his weapon. Who were intended targets. Who were incidental targets. Make sure that the citizens of Lauderdale County know that this was an act of a lone individual and try our best to put together the pieces and come up with a probable motive," said Sollie. "The only way to really know the motive would have been to ask the individual who was pulling the trigger and we know we can't do that."

Sollie said, under the circumstances, there is only one thing law enforcement can do.

"By interviewing the employees, the management and the community, hopefully we can put together and come up with a probable motive of why he did what he did. This community needs to know the facts as we find them," the sheriff said.

Sollie has been asked to address the new graduating class at the Harrison County police academy next month. The subject? How quickly your life can change when you're in the business of enforcing the law.

The sheriff added that comments from the national media who covered the story were appreciative of the southern hospitality they found here.

"They were very complimentary of every individual, the openness. They left the state of Mississippi with a much different attitude than when they showed up," said Sollie.