MHS Outlines Plan for Success

Meridian High School presented its improvement plan to the school board Monday.

MHS scored only a 2 accreditation level on state testing, but administrators pointed out that only 99 lower performing students took the biology 1 test at MHS, which has 10th through 12th grades.

More advanced students take the course in 9th grade.

Principal R.D. Harris took the issue to the state board of education to change the scope of the future tests.

"You'll be evaluated on English, on algebra, U.S. history. So we'll have four variables, rather than one variable," said Harris. "But it will be all of our students, rather than just 8% of our students."

Part of the strategy being put into place to improve overall academics are lowering class sizes and extending the day for those who need extra help.

Harris said discipline is also stricter. Teachers are locking classroom doors to stop perpetual tardiness.