Blackmon Campaigns on Jobs Plan

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For the second time in a week, state Sen. Barbara Blackmon made a campaign stop in Meridian. This time she outlined some of the educational aspects of the "Blackmon Jobs Plan."

"I believe it is important to come here today and highlight the significance the role of education plays in economic development," said Blackmon.

Among some of the areas highlighted are:

1. A proposed rebate of a percentage of the student loans to those who stay in Mississippi and work after college

2. Vocational schools and community colleges being included in Mississippi's college savings plans, known as MPACT

3. Skills alliances, in which employers, public agencies, schools, and labor unions use resources to train workers for region-wide job opportunities

4. Encouraging entrepreneurship through encouraging schools to have business people and entrepreneurs speak to students

Questions at the news conference then turned to other matters, including her call for opponent, Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck to sign an affidavit that she had never had an abortion. Blackmon declined to answer.

"Why are we not touching on the issue of a debate?" asked Blackmon.
"There has not been one."

So what does political analyst Dr. Kathy Baxter make of this?

"I think Sen. Blackmon is taking her campaign to the people. But it was clear her emphasis was on her plan," said Baxter.

Sen. Blackmon and Lt. Gov. Tuck are scheduled to appear on Mississippi ETV Oct. 30. Reform Party candidate Anna Reives is also on the Nov. 4 ballot for lieutenant governor.