Lott to Candidates: Change Message

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In a news conference with Mississippi reporters, Sen. Trent Lott advised gubernatorial candidates to focus on economic development.

Lott said doing that would better serve the state than negative campaign advertising.

"We've got to bring in more jobs. We've got to bring in more jobs to east central Mississippi. We've got to find a way to get more companies to look at Meridian. Meridian is a tremendous area for economic development," said Lott. "And we can't just do it lackadaisically. We've got to have an aggressive blueprint. What is a blueprint for Mississippi? Does Mississippi have a plan? Does anybody in Jackson know what we want to be doing next year, let alone 10 years from now? It's time we get our act together and move this state up."

Lott said, if the state wants more money for schools, roads and for people who can't help themselves, the only answer is a growing economy.