Candidates Face Nov. 4 Vote

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An interview with incumbent superintendent David Little and challenger Joey Knight began with their observations about the value of test scores.

"It's a tool that administrators and principals and superintendents can take and get the results back and look at it, study the data and look at it and say we fell down right here," said Knight, principal of Southeast Elementary School. "We need to make improvement in this area. It's to improve instruction."

"Teachers now are teaching smarter and harder, I think, than they ever have. The test scores are very important. In order for the legislature to continue to support education, public education, teacher raises like they have in the past, we've got to take them very seriously," said Little.

Both were asked if we have too many schools in Lauderdale County for the dollars that are available. They agreed the answer is no.

"I've been told by other superintendents across the state where they had just one school in the county, one high school in the county, how they envy us because it does give us the community schools," Little said.

"One of our strengths in Lauderdale County is our community schools. That's what the people want," said Knight. "That's what Joey Knight wants. I love the community schools. It provides more opportunity for our students when we have different school sites."

The complete interview will air Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on WTOK's public affairs show, On the Record.