Healing a Community

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Shelia Walker serenaded a crowd of community officials, church leaders and concerned citizens at a "Healing Our Community" luncheon sponsored by Mission Meridian.

"I think that we would have to admit that we all have felt sadness, anger, confusion, why this happened," said Charlotte Scott, director of Mission Meridian. "And today I hope that we would leave some of that here and accept that God allowed it and it was for a reason."

Mission Meridian, a chapter of the statewide Mission Mississippi, encourages people to unite across racial and denominational lines to better understand the Christian message.

Executive director of Mission Mississippi, Dr. Dolphus Weary, says the Lockheed Martin tragedy, from which a total of seven lives were lost, was a true test of faith.

"We're in the trenches of Meridian, Mississippi. We are dealing with real life situations, that challenge our faith everyday," said Weary. "One question I want to ask is how strong is our faith?"

Today's event was not the beginning of a healing process, but rather the continuation, bringing both black and white people together in the wake of a tragedy that will not soon be forgotten.