Giant House Party Begins

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The Neshoba County Fair began with all its traditional southern hospitality Friday morning. Really, it's one big family reunion for the state of Mississippi, as people from all over gather in southwestern Neshoba County to sit and talk a while, visit with old friends or just take some time to get away from it all.

But many folks, like Mildred Estes, come out to hear what the politicians have to say at the Founders Square pavillion.

"Do you know? I just love politics. I enjoy the politicians," said Estes.

Last year's fair featured the hot debate between Congressional candidates Chip Pickering and Ronnie Shows. Some are a little disappointed that we likely won't see the same kind of fireworks in the governor's race.

"People just like it, seeing two candidates up there fielding questions from a panel," said Jack Yates of Jackson. "A lot more than people just coming out and ranting and raving about the same thing."

Editor of the Bruce-Calhoun County Journal, Gale Denley, is one of Mississippi's, and the fair's, political experts. He said he believes that even though they won't be debating, the main issues will still be addressed.

"I think they'll both be talking about the economy, education and the economy," Denley said.

Denley said he believes the fair is one of the biggest stops on an election campaign in the state of Mississippi, and he wouldn't want to be a candidate who didn't show.

"I think they have to be here. It may not be the most important, but it'd be very important if they weren't here," Denley said.

The politicking begins on Tuesday, July 29, with Neshoba County candidiates, expanding to statewide elections the rest of next week.