Gas Up, Down, Up, Down

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Chances are, your visits to the gas pump have become a guessing game.

"On Highway 49, it can be anything from a $1.50 to $1.39," said one motorist, filling up Friday in Meridian.

Last week, Mississippi gas prices were above $1.50 for regular unleaded. Today's state average, according to AAA, is back down to $1.43, almost ten cents below the national average.

The increases are due to the unsettling international events and the increase in summer travel. The decreases are in response to a re-energized confidence in the oil market.

With the capture and killing of Saddam Hussein's sons and the continued strong hold the U.S. has in Iraq, Reuters Media reported a $5.00 increase in oil stock Friday, meaning more money for oil companies and less for you at the pump.

Unfortunately drivers have little control on how much you pay for gas. So, short of not driving, you may want to think of ways to conserve the fuel you buy.

AAA suggests you drive more efficiently, avoid speeding or making quick accelerations. Keep your car in shape. Have regular service and inspections. Plan and combine your trips. Carpool. And choose an efficient vehicle. SUVs are not the most fuel-efficient cars.

These tips can increase your fuel economy by as much as six percent.