GP Rolls Out First Shipment

With the startup of Georgia Pacific's plywood plant in Louisville, over 300 people went back to work in Winston County. That includes Georgia Pacific's workforce and other related fields like logging and trucking.

The first shipment of plywood headed out June 28 to a long-time customer, Bennett's Do It Center in Louisville.

"We've been doing business with Georgia Pacific since the early 70s," said owner Wally Bennett. " We were still buying their products but getting it from other mills. This is so convenient. We know the people here and they know us. It's a relationship."

The rebirth of the Georgia Pacific plant has apparently spawned a spirit of optimism that more good things are on the way.

"We're strategically located on Hwy. 25 which is being four-laned.," said Joel O'Briant, executive director of the Winston County Economic Development Authority. "And then Hwy. 15 has already been approved to be 4-laned. So we're going to be at a crossroads, which will really make us in a good spot for people going either north or east-west. And also with the Nissan people we think that we've got a good chance at some of their second and third tier suppliers."

O'Briant said those new businesses will be courted to consider Winston County.