Back to School Preview

Classes for the Meridian Public School District will resume next Thursday, August 7 while those for Lauderdale County schools will resume that following Monday, August 11.

When classes begin there are some things that both parents and students need to know, starting with academics.

Robert Markum is Deputy Superintendent of Operations for Meridian Public Schools. He says students who did not pass the Mississippi Curriculum test in May will be retested.

"Hopefully, the kids will take the test again in December and they'll do well then, but if not they will have to remain in that grade until they pass."

Markum says another major concern is dress.

When school reopens he says sagging pants for boys nor girls will be allowed. The same goes for shirts that show the belly button and underwear that is visible to the public. He also says the fingertip test should be used when choosing shorts or skirts.

"And it goes a little like this," says Markum. "If you are standing straight up and you drop your hands beside you and if your finger tips touch flesh your clothes are too short. Kids can't wear them if parents don't purchase them. So, parents still have the power!"