Meet the Candidates

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WTOK-TV will host a candidate forum Tuesday at 9:00 p.m, featuring the Lauderdale County District 1 supervisor's race.

Current supervisor Hank Florey is not seeking reelection. Five Republicans are vying for the office.

In alphabetical order: Sidney Covington, Eddie Harper, Jerry Marlow, Bill McBride, and David Pritchett.

WTOK-TV news director, John Johnson, and county reporter, Stan Torgerson will host the forum.

This will be one of two opportunities the public has to see and hear the candidates before the Aug. 5 primaries.

Meridian Community College also hosts a political forum each election year, but this year due to construction, it will be held in downtown Meridian in the city council chamber at the police department.

MCC's Dr. Kathy Baxter said they chose those races because of the public interest.

"The Human Relations Commission decided what we could best do for the public is to have all the candidates for supervisor appear in their districts," Baxter said.

With the August 5 primary elections approaching, Baxter said voters of districts 1 and 3 will choose their supervisor in this election because the candidates are all in the same political party.

"People who are in those districts really need to hear from the candidates and make up their minds and then on August going to be made."

Rev. Gerald Hudson, Chairman of the Lauderdale County Human Relations Commission, said the group holds this forum as a service to the citizens.

"We feel that we are doing our part by serving the community and them being more informed," Hudson said.

The forum begins Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the City Courtroom downtown. Another forum is scheduled for October 30, just before the general election on November 4.