Ribbons Reminders of Dangers

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National Red Ribbon Week is an opportunity for young people to think about the choices they are often called on to make.

Red is worn at this time to symbolize the message.

"Not only are drugs physically addictive, but they are also emotionally addictive," said Dr. Shawn Anderson, an emergency room physician.

In graphic detail, Dr. Anderson described the side effects, injuries and possible death associated with alcohol and drug abuse at a Red Ribbon rally today at Meridian High School.

"There was a rally last year and it got cancelled, so we tried to incorporate our rally here at Meridian High School to promote drug awareness," said organizer Holli Cobb.

A promotion and reminder Anderson said bears repeating.

"These effects are so detrimental, not only to them but to their families and detrimental to society, too," said Anderson.

The message seemed to be well-received by students.

"I hope they realize drinking and driving affects others. They can kill others, their friends and even themselves," said MHS student Jade Mobley. "And people need to realize that."

"I hope they get the message he sent. I like how he explained all the different effects of drugs and alcohol and other stuff like hallucinogens and stuff like that," said Bruce Clay.

Red Ribbon Week is fourteen years old and still, for one week out of each year, it continues reminding America's youth of the dangers of drugs and alcohol one school at a time.