Meridian vs. Marion

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The Meridian City Council has rejected a request from engineer and former Meridian mayor Jimmy Kemp to renegotiate Marion's sewage treatment rate.

Kemp, appearing before the council, read an eight page statement concerning the rate Meridian charges for treating the Marion's sewage and an action to annex the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park.

"Simply stated, the current wastewater treatment rate Meridian is imposing on Marion and thereby on the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Industrial Park, is deemed to not be equitable and certainly not affordable," read Kemp.

The council rejected his argument and voted unanimously to file legal action to collect Marion's unpaid bill.

"There's no question that the council made the right decision. We have a debt that is owed to the people of Meridian by the town of Marion," said Meridian Mayor John Robert Smith. "The town of Marion sent a letter to us saying they're not going to pay that bill."

Smith said checks for partial payment of about $12,000 have not been cashed. He said the total owed is close to $70,000.

The present sewage rate to Marion is $2.43 per thousand gallons, exactly the same as is paid by Meridian residents.