Price Lawsuit Tossed

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A judge Thursday threw out the last of Mike Price's $20 million lawsuit against the university over his being fired as Alabama's football coach. Price alleged he was wrongly fired without a hearing and then denied an appeal.

But U.S. District Judge Scott Coogler in Birmingham ruled Price could not collect from University of Alabama President Robert Witt. Coogler ordered Price to pay the costs of the case.

The judge dismissed most of Price's lawsuit last month, when he ruled the university was immune from being sued over the termination.

Coogler did not rule until now that Witt could not be sued on any remaining claims. Price's attorney says he's disappointed. Price can appeal the ruling.

Witt issued a one-sentence statement saying he was "pleased to have reached closure in this lawsuit.''

Price was fired in May after questions arose about his drunken behavior at a golf tournament in Pensacola, Fla. He admitted being heavily intoxicated at a topless bar. But he contended his actions did not warrant dismissal.

Price, who had a seven-year, $10 million deal with Alabama, never signed his contract with the university, a key fact that Coogler said prevented Price from proving he was defrauded.