Forum Focuses on Supervisor Races

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Candidates for all five supervisors districts were questioned Tuesday by the media. Topics ranged from the green boxes to financial support for the Opera House project, EMBDC and taxes.

When it was over, the Rev. Gerald Hudson of the Human Rights Commission, one of the forum sponsors, said he felt the evening was a success.

"I'm a voter and I gained a lot of information and maybe that was because I had to be focused and that's what we need," said Hudson. "We need our voters, I mean, it's only a few days away. We need our voters to get focused on the district races and to begin to pay closer attention to what's going on because this is the future of our community."

Dr. Kathy Baxter of Meridian Community College, organizer for the event, indicated she had expected more fire and brimstone than the forum actually generated.

"This is a C-. Nobody took any real stand. There weren't a lot of differences between the candidates. There was good candidate participation," said Baxter. "We had a good audience here. We probably had 50, 60 people, which is about what I expected, but our TV audience I'm sure was much larger."

Dr. Baxter did look at it from the candidates' point of view. "You have to be cautious. You have to not say things that will anger people," Baxter said. "But you also have to be honest and truthful with the voters. They aren't fooled at the local level."

The primary election will be held Aug. 5.