Healthwatch: Taking Care of You and Baby

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The relationship between an expectant mother and her health care provider is like a partnership that goes hand and hand.

According to Dr. Joseph Acosta with the East Mississippi Ob Gyn Associates, pre-natal care starts before the pregnancy starts, when there's time for many health problems and concerns to be addressed.

During the first pre-natal visit many congenital, hereditary-type problems and personal medical history are considered.

"We're basically consultants," said Dr. Acosta. "The mother is the main one that takes care of the baby. We count on the mother to do her part."

Acosta says that, from conception, a visit to the doctor every four weeks is necessary and from 28-36 weeks, a mother should see the doctor every two weeks, and weekly thereafter until delivery.

Along with a good diet in general and exercise, Acosta says certain foods that carry Omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid are very good for expectant mothers.

Acosta says the goal is to be in good shape before and after the pregnancy.

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