Journey of Hope

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"We've experienced worse out west, temps as high as 120 degrees," said Michael Morrison, a member of Pi Kappa Phi's cross-country cycling team.

With nearly 2800 miles and 1200 to go, twenty-six cyclists and seven crew members made a pit stop in Meridian on its "Push America" tour.

"I do it for the sheer physical challenge, the brotherhood and the people whose life we influence," said Morrison.

The ride is to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Each member had to raise $5,000 to participate. Combine that with the slew of corporate sponsors and Journey of Hope will raise well over $400,000 this year. Not to mention the awareness brought to the cause.

"We have seen curiosity and the more time we have been on the road, the more the general public asks us questions." said Bobby Cook.

"Push America: Journey of Hope" began on June 15 in San Francisco and will end on Aug. 15 in Washington D.C.