Jr. Auxiliary "Talks" to Kids

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For the past 14 years the Meridian Junior Auxiliary has presented a puppet show to first graders with a very important message that many might never have known about until it is too late.

"It focused on neglect, physical or sexual abuse. We do this to educate the children to let them know that these situations should not happen," said Stephanie Forester of the Meridian Junior Auxiliary.

Often children in abusive situations don't know where to turn and are told to keep their abuse a secret.

The main point is that, although it is great to keep a secret, these are not the types of secrets to keep.

"If there is something wrong in the home, they can tell a grownup or someone here at the school," said Crestwood teacher, Audrey Thompson.

The puppet show is presented throughout elementary schools in Meridian and Lauderdale County.

The Junior Auxiliary says that as long as abuse and neglect is present, it will continue to present this message so children will have something to educate them on what to do.