Campaigning, Fair-Style

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Greeted by a sea of signs from opponents and supporters, candidate and incumbent Gov. Ronnie Musgrove took the stump at the Neshoba County Fair.

"The election this year is about priorities. It's about leadership and it's about putting Mississippi first," Musgrove said from the podium at Founder's Square.

Citing improvements in education and teacher pay, Musgrove went on to say that more jobs are on their way for Mississippi.

"During a national recession when no other automobile plant was opening in America and others were working to send our jobs to Mexico, we were working to bring Nissan to Mississippi," said Musgrove.

Ironic when considering the weather lately, Republican opponent Haley Barbour rained on Musgrove's parade, criticizing the governor's claims and calling his job them false.

"Today the governor said Nissan is creating thirty thousand new jobs in Mississippi," said Barbour. "The fact of the matter is that is a made up number by a consulting firm in Hattiesburg."

Also campaigning at the fair was current State Sen. Barbara Blackmon, a Democrat running for lieutenant governor.

"We are going to win by voters going out and voting for the most qualified candidate for Lt. Governor," Blackmon said.

You can call it mudslinging or good old-fashioned politics, but either way the issues remain the same, education, crime and the economy. Whoever has the right answers to that will only be decided at the voting booth.