Children First: Giving Back

The 2nd Annual Marcus Campbell Future Star Basketball Camp is sponsored by former Livingston High standout, Marcus Campbell, who played professional basketball for eight years in Europe. The camp is designed to motivate young people to do their best.

During the camp, some other former professional players, even from other sports, dropped by to share how they got started. One of those was former Alabama standout and Denver Bronco Pierre Goode. He said, if nothing else, he wants the campers to learn that making it to the top is not easy, but possible.

"I think a lot of them will realize, but I think some will have to test the waters and see," said Goode. "But I think a lot of them will see what's going on. And that's something they should see, is that you can do something positive no matter where you are from."

"Some of us don't get to meet professional people at all and for him to come to Livingston, it makes us feel special," said camper Stephanie Lampley.