Protest March Against Taxes

Gene Chapman has been walking across the country, dressed in attire inspired by the late Mahatma Gandhi of India. He's on a protest march to the nation's Capitol.

Chapman's purpose is to call attention to what he calls the ills of federal taxation. Describing himself as a minister, Chapman says taxation by the Internal Revenue Service is not aligned with biblical teaching but instead with those of communism in the Communist Manifesto.

"The second plank says they want to have a heavy, progressive or graduated income tax. Whereas in the Bible we don't find a tax on assets or labor," said Chapman. "Your labor is an asset."

The Denton, Texas, native kicked off his march in April. Although it's set to end later this year, Chapman says he's hopeful that his effort will have a lasting effect.

"They say the price for freedom is eternal vigilance and so I plan this march to probably never end in some respect," Chapman said.