Plant Shooting Update

In the 9-1-1 tape, a relatively calm Lockheed Martin employee explain to a Lauderdale County dispatcher that several shots had been fired and several people injured. He identified 48-year-old Doug Williams as the gunman.

Last week Sheriff Billy Sollie shared the tape at a law enforcement graduation on the coast. He says his motive for doing so was not to stir up wounds.

"The purpose of going down there and sharing a few minutes of that tape was for those individuals who are entering the profession of law enforcement. To make sure they have every opportunity to be prepared for whatever comes forward. I was unaware that a news camera would be there. I've been informed that they may have had some connections with the department and that's why they knew the presentation was going to be made."

Meanwhile, Sheriff Sollie says an investigation into the case continues.

"Investigators are continuing to interview folks. I think last week they may have interviewed about seven other additional people. We want to make sure that we get everybody who knows anything about that particular day or the days leading up to that day to have an opportunity to give us their story.

Although Sheriff Sollie says it's evident that the gunman, Doug Williams, targeted some of the employees, he says it's still too early to say that the incident was racially motivated. However, he tells NewsCenter 11 that evidence collected so far shows that Williams perhaps did not intend to commit the shooting on the day when it happened. In fact he says, "There is evident that he (Williams) intended to be alive Tuesday night."